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The Fifty 7's: Bio

The Fifty 7's want to create and perform music for the whole family.  We want families and communities to use music to help connect and grow together.  The Fifty 7's want to be a part of bringing people together at birthday parties, block parties, cookouts, concerts, fundraisers etc.  The band started about 7 years ago playing rock music from the 50's to the present and also doing children's sing-a-longs at a local church once a month for parents and young children.  Soon we realized that it would be great to do both in one package and change our music sets depending on what was needed for the occasion. 

Greg Mansperger - (Guitar, Vocals) Greg has been playing music in the Baltimore area for over 25 years and has played music with different bands across the United States.  He is a private guitar teacher and teaches general music to elementary and middle school students in Towson MD.  Greg is married with three sons and a daughter.

Mike Buccheri - (Bass)  Mike has been playing the electric bass since the 7th grade.  He attended Towson and Peabody for upright bass.  He plays Jazz, rockabilly, and rock.  Mike and Greg started their first band together in 1986.  He is married with a son and a daughter. 

Patrick Fulford - (Guitar, Vocals)  Patrick is married with a daughter and a son.

Bob Hunter - (Guitar, Vocals)   Bob is married with 2 daughters and a son.